How we would work together:

  • An initial phone exchange to size up the challenge and the service needed.

  • A face-to-face meeting to get to know each other and to scope out in more detail the actual support required.

  • A proposal is presented, outlining the recommended scope of work, deliverables, our respective roles (who does what) and expected cost.

  • Once we are agreed on the proposal and the contract is signed, we roll up our shirt sleeves and partner together to realize the objective(s).

  • Regular reviews during the project or service support to ensure expectations are being met, and that the scope and deliverables remain pertinent and on target.

  • Project close-out. Review to ensure deliverables have been met and what ongoing measures should be taken by client to make the changes more sustainable.

Several pricing options are offered as a function of the project and customer preferences:

  • Fixed fee for projects with a clear scope and well-defined deliverables

  • Hourly or daily fee for projects that are hard to scope and better broken into smaller pieces – pay as you go.

  • Retainer fees – prepayment for a defined number of hours/days per month, quarter, or year.